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Hello and welcome!

This is a blog-based website for a new IT and business textbook, scheduled to be published in Spring 2007, called “The Technology Garden: Cultivating Sustainable IT-Business Alignment”. The book is being published by John Wiley & Sons.
All the book’s authors (there are four of us – you can look at our bios here, here, here and here) will post to this site with thoughts about the topic, news on how the project’s progressing, and so on. We’d like to try and create some small kind of “centre of gravity” for debate and thinking around the topic – so if you have any feedback, ideas or questions, they’ll be very gratefully received (just comment on a post) and we’ll try to respond to them here!

If you’d like a bit more background on the project, take a look at the project’s “about” page.


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  1. Ah – neat idea, look forward to reading it.
    Some idle thoughts:
    You can align business and IT and still have IT chaos – think of some of the web-based companies – can’t run without the web, but that does not mean their IT is well run.
    You can implement ITIL and still not have IT aligned with the business – this is the more common one because many people think that ITIL is incident, problem (if you’re lucky) and help desk and miss the whole business perpsective side of things.
    Just because something is technically possible does not mean you should do it – going to blog this one in a minute with a wonderful example. If I can work out how all this linkback lark works, I’ll hook it up to here.
    Cheers and good luck

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