The State of the CIO

CIO Magazine has just published the results of its annual CIO survey and it makes for interesting reading in light of our work on the book (which is now with the publishers 🙂 ). Some of the highlights of particular relevance to the key principles we outline in the book include:

  • In common with our views on the importance of a common language between business and IT, 52% of the 500 CIOs surveyed identify communication as their primay strength
  • 68% of CIOs now have a seat on the business executive management committee which is encouraging given the importance of establishing a peer relationship with the business
  • The top activity consuming CIO time is interacting with CXOs and business executives, which is critical if IT and business are to pull in the same direction working towards coordinated goals and objectives

The survey also emphasises the shift in focus towards supporting innovation and providing automated support for externally facing, collaborative business processes such as customer service and support that serve to differentiate the organisation (although, somewhat counter to our view, accounting and finance is the most frequently cited business process being improved with IT!).

And, to top it off, the top management priority for 2007 is aligning IT and business goals, which should (hopefully) mean a receptive audience when The Technology Garden is published later in the year.


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  1. Dale Vile says:

    I haven’t seen the survey, but my guess is that the emphasis on accounting and finance being called out is a spin-off from a lot of the compliance related activity we have seen in larger organisations which has hit these functions the hardest and probably put th spotlight on areas for improvement.

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