Neil Ward-Dutton

Neil Ward-Dutton is a founder of Macehiter Ward-Dutton. He has over 15 years’ experience of the IT industry – in a mixture of consulting and industry analysis roles. He started his career as a business analyst at ICI, then spent a number of years as a software engineer and sysadmin working at a small software development house. Not too long after the company was bought by Deloitte Consulting, Neil realised he was best-suited to small companies and left to join Ovum as a junior IT industry analyst. In 10 years at Ovum he rose to direct all the company’s technology research programmes – but his ambition turned to new pastures, and in early 2005 he founded Macehiter Ward-Dutton with his Ovum colleague and co-author on this book, Neil Macehiter.

Neil’s areas of expertise include application development, business integration tools, process management and application platforms, enterprise architecture and service oriented architecture (SOA). He has acted an advisor to many leading IT vendors; and to large IT user organisations in Media, Government, Transport, Financial Services, and Telecommunications.


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